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StereoPill Privacy Policy


The purpose of the StereoPill Privacy Policy (the “Policy”) is to inform users about what information we collect, how that information is used, and how users can control the use of that information.  Information related to user obligations can be found in the StereoPill Terms of Use. 

Basic Summary

While this summary is incomplete, you may read the Policy in its entirety below. 

·      We do not sell or provide your email address to other companies for their marketing purposes without your explicit permission.

·      Any information you post or otherwise communicate in forums is public.

·      We collect information about your musical preferences based on song selections, your location, your age, and your votes. 

·      The information we collect about your song preferences is communicated to subscribers with access to aggregate music data.  All personally identifying information is removed before such subscribers view aggregate music data.

·      We will respect your choice to opt-out of email and other communications.


StereoPill, LLC Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is effective as of September 1, 2011 for StereoPill, a Massachusetts Limited Liability Company (“StereoPill,” “we,” “our” or “us.”).  It applies worldwide for operation of the website (the “Website” or the “site”) by computer, tablet, mobile phone or other wireless device capable of internet access.  This Policy will be re-evaluated and adjusted from time to time.  Any material changes to this Policy will be noted on the website or provided by email.

Information We Collect

We collect information in a couple ways: you provide it to us when you sign up for our service, and we collect data based on the music preferences you express during your use of the site. 

You provide us with information when you:

·      Register for the site;

·      Enter any information about yourself or your event(s) into the site;

·      Provide comments in forums or any social networking aspects of the site;

·      Link your account to Facebook or other social networking websites;

·      Vote for songs or enter song selections;

·      Sign up for email notifications or other types of notifications;

·      Pay for the site’s features using a credit card or PayPal account;

·      Take part in any polls or contests;

·      Email or otherwise directly communicate with us;

Third Parties

We are not responsible for, and will assume zero liability if a business partner, user, or other entity collects, sells, uses or otherwise shares any information about you in violation of its own privacy policy or any applicable law. 

Information We Receive from Other Users

We may collect information about you from other users, such as event organizers, who provide us with such information.  For example, an event organizer may tell us that the event you are attending is located in the Southeast United States, and that it is a high school dance. 

In some cases, event organizers may provide us with your email address to notify you that an event is taking place.  If we receive your email address for this purpose, we will not subscribe to you any additional mailing lists.

Data Collection & Use

StereoPill tracks your music selections in order to aggregate and offer music data to Pro subscribers.   Some of your information is transferred along with song selections during the aggregation process: your region, age, and the type of event you are attending.  At no point is your name, email, or other contact information collected for or used in the data aggregation process.  Any use of de-identified or aggregated data is not subject to any restrictions of this Privacy Policy.

StereoPill may also collect information about your computer or mobile device, including information about your operating system, IP address or browser type.  StereoPill may collect a unique identifier if you use the StereoPill service through a mobile device.

StereoPill installs a feature commonly known as a “cookie” on users’ devices.  This is a small string of data which our server writes onto your hard drive and helps us track your use of StereoPill, ensure a fair voting system, save your password or login information, or report technical statistics.  StereoPill is not responsible for any third party cookies that may be placed on users’ devices.

If you agree during the registration process or afterward, StereoPill may send you targeted emails based on your interest in the StereoPill service. 

We may share your data should StereoPill merge with or be acquired by another entity.

We may share your information in order to:

-       Protect or defend legal rights or property of StereoPill, its business partners, employees, contractors or agents.

-       Protect the security of listeners, users, or members of the public in urgent circumstances

-       Protect against fraud.

-       Comply with any applicable laws or legal processes.

StereoPill will not share your personally identifying information with third parties without your consent.  StereoPill will not be liable for the use of any information you choose to share with third parties (on social networks or otherwise) and their software applications, including Facebook.

Any information, including personally identifying information, that you post in forums is public and StereoPill is not liable for its use by third parties.  

Security & Data Protection

StereoPill put in place and maintains reasonable physical and/or electronic security measures in order to protect your personally identifying information.  However, no security measures are ever infallible or perfect.

Changing your Privacy Settings

[Reserved until site is finalized]

To modify registration information:

To change privacy settings:

To opt-out of emails:



or by mail:


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