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Frequently Asked Questions

What are event credits?

We believe StereoPill is as important to a party as great lighting and your guest list, and we don’t want to bog you down with advertising. You can purchase event credits based on how many events you plan on throwing this year, or you can buy one event credit for that big party you’re having next week. Either way, you won’t want party without StereoPill.

Okay, so I purchased an event credit. Now what?

Thanks so much! Next you’re going to want to name your event and set up an event profile. You’re probably an expert at building online profiles at this point, but don’t forget to upload a photo and check the time and date on your calendar.

How can I invite my guests to vote on StereoPill?

StereoPill generates a link for every event you create. You can email this link to your friends, post to facebook or twitter, or include it in an invite on Eventbrite, PaperlessPost, or any other event organization website. Remember, the more people you get to vote, the more insight you will generate for your party.

My guests are using StereoPill, but they are choosing really bad songs.

It’s important to remember that StereoPill is not a playlist maker. You don’t have to play any of the songs your guests choose. StereoPill is an insight generator that tells you what your guests want to hear– but in the end, you always get the final say, and can “veto” any songs you do not want played.

Okay, so now I have all this information… what do I do with it?

The data that StereoPill generates will help you create an awesome party. You can start putting those songs on your iPod, or hand the insight off to a professional DJ. We suggest giving the data to a professional DJ as a “starting point” or “insight guide”, and allowing them to benefit from the data, but giving them flexibility to be creative.

There is this really obscure version of a song I want to hear and I can’t seem to find it on StereoPill, what do I do?

Ick! So sorry. We are always looking for ways to make StereoPill better. If you think something could be improved, please shoot us an email at

I purchased 20 event credits but it turns out I only need 15. Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately no. However, your credits will never expire, and chances are, you’ll probably want to use StereoPill for an event in the future.

I couldn't find the answer to my question, how can I contact you for technical support?

You can email us at