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About Us

StereoPill was created by Ari Rosenfield, a noted New York and Boston based DJ who has spun at hundreds weddings and large events; Wells Riley, the founder of Bionic Hippo, an interactive design and development agency from Boston; and Greg Santos, a Boston-based attorney, who specializes in software startups.

As a DJ, Ari’s first priority is to make his clients happy. However, he noticed that occasionally the music his clients liked greatly differed from the music their guests wanted to dance to. He created StereoPill to act as the middleman -- by empowering the partygoers with choices, and empowering the organizer with valuable information.

We hope you enjoy StereoPill and use it for all your all your events!

Ari Rosenfield

Rosenfield is a full time DJ and the founder of Beat Train Productions.

Beat Train Productions
Beat Train NYC
Beat Train on Twitter

Greg Santos

Santos is a Boston-based attorney, specializing in software startups.