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How it Works

StereoPill was built with one goal: to improve parties and events worldwide. Watch this handy video, or follow the instructions below.

Step by Step Instructions


Create a new event on StereoPill with the date, name, location, time, and description of your event.


Go to to create your event on Facebook. Be sure to include a link to your StereoPill event page in the description, and make sure to invite all your guests via the Facebook events page (even if they have already been invited via StereoPill).


Encourage your guests to vote on the songs they want to hear at your event. The more people who vote, the more information you will have to ensure a great party. In addition to Facebook, you can also send the Stereopill link out in emails, e-invites, twitter, etc.


When voting has ended, you can view the voting results. The information collected will be neatly organized into a spreadsheet that you can export and send to your DJ.


Plug in speakers, turn up the music, and have a great time. StereoPill is the only way to guarantee your guests get to hear the music they want, and your party is the best in town.

If you have any questions or feedback, shoot us an email at